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It is time to awaken...
... The best that lies within each one of us.

Wake up

Our purpose is to awaken the best that lies within each one of us.
We will achieve this by challenging and transforming the beliefs that guide our actions and that may limit our and Guatemala’s development. We will question:
justicia Our beliefs regarding the application of justice
riqueza Our beliefs regarding wealth generation
destino Our beliefs regarding a person’s ability to influence its destiny

Culture matters, institutions too.

A country’s culture is its “collective personality”.

It reflects what its citizens value; what they think is good, fair or right; it reflects the laws and rules accepted by all; and the attitudes and behaviors they have towards each other.
A society’s progress is closely related to the performance of its institutions. The proper functioning of these institutions is based on the beliefs, behaviors, attitudes and values of the members of this society.

Guatemala needs AWAKE citizens